The Heavens ProjectThe Heavens Project

Arbor Financial was born from the vision of Peter Claeys striving for a euphoric financial advisory environment that promotes the success and happiness of the clients, all the employees and the owner; as well as striving for the same in the other aspects of business that are often overlooked, like the suppliers and compliance. The design was inspired by the desire to prove wrong the old ways of doing business where only the top down benefit; rather show that by providing from the bottom up can bring even greater gains to all involved.

Hence, Business Heaven™ was born.

The Arbor Paradigm

The Why

Be Yourself…
and Thrive

The How

What are you most passionate about?
Do more of that!

The What

1. Who is your tribe?
2. What problems do you want to help them solve?
3. How/why does that complete you?

The Guiding Principles:

1. First give, then get.
2. Everyone must win.
3. Honesty, Service, & Competence.
4. Lifetime relationships.
5. Delegate all the stuff you hate to someone who loves doing it. Thus, diversity is a necessity.
6. Making mistakes is a natural byproduct of trying. Make them and learn from them.
7. You own you!

Business Heaven™