Client Heaven™ is rooted in Guiding Principles # 1 AND #3:

First Give, Then Get.

Honesty. Service. Competence.
You are absolutely the most critical person to every business that provides you with ongoing services.

Whether it’s your tax person, your financial person, or your medical person, none can survive without your money and the money of other clients, customers, or patients.

You are mission-critical to them!

Are you always treated that way?

• When’s the last time your service providers asked you to meet personally for the sole purpose of finding out what you like and dislike about their services and the price you are paying?
• How can any relationship improve and last long term without both sides having periodic talks like this?
• Doesn’t every person have different needs, wants, and aspirations?
• Isn’t the way many clients are treated perplexing?

Service providers cannot possibly provide extraordinary value to clients without first knowing what you need and want; and then periodically asking you what they can do to make your experience with them even better.

It’s with these ideas in mind that we have launched The Heavens Project™, and more specifically Client Heaven.