About UsWhy Arbor Financial Services?

Your money represents not only your financial future, but also you ability to live the life you want to with quality and stability.

We believe that you will be better off with Arbor Financial Services than you are now:

Better Portfolio

We have a significant number of additional private money managers & mutual funds to choose from, over 7,000!

Excellent Staff & Team

You may find that the morale of our team and their desire to do a great job for you is higher than most firms. There are a few reasons for that; one being that we have developed a team of top level professionals and designed their roles and job descriptions around their specific likes and strengths; minimizing turnover and maximizing our client experience.

Better Service

Again, we employ highly client-centric people, give them the right tools and environment, and we ensure we have all the right ingredients to provide better service than our competition.

Better Custodian

LPL specializes in “lockbox” functions, they do not engage in investment business like Wall Street firms- no toxic assets like subprime mortgages, aggressive loans to hedge funds, nor bets on the direction of the markets.

Better Written Reports & Communication

Before any correspondence is permitted to be sent or given to a client at a large wire house, management must approve first; this may take up to or over a month. At Arbor, we have the flexibility to send you all the information you need to understand your investments and make informed decisions.