Owner Heaven™ is rooter in Guiding Principle #1:

First Give, Then Get.

Happiness is not mutually exclusive!

By that we mean that if someone wants to be happier, they don’t have to get there by taking someone else’s happiness from them. In fact, we believe if someone wants to be significantly happier, they can only get there by increasing other people’s happiness.
This belief is counterintuitive.

Owners and senior managers often run their business selfishly for their own benefit and try to get there at the expense of their clients and employees.

We believe that if their business were run for the benefit of their clients and their employees, then as a byproduct the owners and senior managers would maximize the things they are looking for. Said differently, in order to maximize their own long term selfish desires, owners and managers must first make sure their clients’ and employees’ desires are maximized.

No one operates in a vacuum, and nobody’s happiness can be maximized without also maximizing the happiness of all concerned. In order to do this in the business environment, Business Heaven™ is born and as a byproduct Owner Heaven™ as well.