Advisor Heaven™ is rooted in Guiding Principle # 5:

Delegate all the stuff you hate to someone who loves doing it. Thus, diversity is a necessity.
Client Heaven™ is only possible with high quality advisors performing at their full potential. That’s true whether the advisor is a CPA, a lawyer, a financial advisor, or a medical professional. Since having top quality advisors is critical to service providers, how can these businesses find, hire, and keep such advisors performing at their best?

One way is to ensure that the advisors are surrounded with other quality personnel. Steve Jobs, and many other top executives, say that “A” level employees only want to be around other “A” level employees, at all levels within an organization.

A second way to retain top advisors is to reduce non-advisor tasks. For example, several studies suggest that most Wealth Advisors at large national investment firms typically spend as little as an hour per day doing what they love, discussing their client’s financial issues with them.

What do advisors do with the rest of their time?

It’s likely they are required to do non-advisor tasks that they simply don’t like doing. Just as bad for their clients, they are often not very good at doing those non-advisor tasks. Independent Wealth Advisors, those who own their own businesses, have yet another layer of non-advisor tasks to contend with. They have to handle all of the business ownership issues, management issues, and personnel problems that take time away from what they love, talking to you.

Some things we believe you should be asking yourself are:

• Can they really be great at all these roles that require vastly different skill sets?
• Can they stay excited about their relationships with clients and at the top of their advisory role when they have to wear so many different hats?
• Can they ever take an uninterrupted and extended vacation to recharge their batteries?

So what would make advisors significantly happier so they can stay “A+” advisors?

Just like client expectations are different, advisor wants, needs, and expectations are also different. That’s why its important for advisories to be structured with the desire to both know and the flexibility to accommodate such differences.

Wouldn’t it be great if someday all your advisors could consistently perform their best for you? You as the client and your advisor would both likely be happier.

The following is a visualization of one aspect of what that wonderful work environment might look like to an “A+” Advisor.