Employee Heaven™ is rooted in Guiding Principle #7:

You Own You!

What if as an employee you…

• Only did the things at work that you love doing; and other people did everything else?
• Had a business relationship with the company that was more like a partnership; where both sides actively tried to help each other?
• “Owned” your job, were allowed to do it in the way that you know is best, and got treated in an extraordinary manner?
• And your company both wanted a long term business relationship; where you could trust each other and not get overwhelmingly disappointed later on?
• Got paid handsomely for your A+ level work that would naturally result?

Does this seem like utopia?

If it does, maybe it’s because these things are so rare in business today. For whatever reason, most companies do not allow them to happen.

All the while companies continue to push for profits and "client first" mentality. Peter Claeys was perplexed that such objectives continue to be a top priority while ignoring the treatment of employees. Service providers cannot possibly provide great value without great employees who are treated properly. Customers only stay if they get at least what they pay for, and without this the once "top priority" objectives and goals are simply unattainable.

If it’s mission-critical, why aren’t most employees treated significantly better?

That’s what we’re trying to find out with The Heavens Project™ and the development of Employee Heaven™.

The following is a visualization of one aspect of what that wonderful work environment might look like to an “A+” level employee.