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In 2019 Congress took an important step in improving retirement opportunity for Americans by passing the Secure Act that incentivized saving for retirement and increasing access to workplace plans. The legislation proved to need further refining and direction to reach its true goals. In December 2022, Secure Act 2.0 was passed by Congress. Below are...

5 Reasons Why You Should Switch From a Robo-Trader to a Personalized Financial Advisor

With the rise of mobile payment and investing apps, many first-time investors are choosing to enter the stock market a new way: via phone. Apps like Robinhood and Acorns are exploding in popularity, offering stock trading from mobile apps. To many young people – especially new investors – these apps seem like a quick way...

Five Things to Look for in a Financial Advisor

Many people don’t have a retirement savings plan, and even fewer take action to ensure that their nest egg prepares them for the retirement they deserve. That’s why working with a trusted and experienced Financial Advisor (FA) is key to guiding you on to your next chapter. When you start your search for a Financial Advisor, here are five questions to ask yourself: